Our company



  • November 2002 : creation of the company PIVIDAL ENVIRONNEMENT, based in Tarn. French manufacturer.
  • 2003 : start-up of the business, handcrafted manufacture of coating products for housing and landscaping, principally for swimming-pool surrounds and pavements.
  • 2005 : removal in new premises, extending of the production to high performance concrete and refractory concrete.
  • 2013 : first studies about the manufacturing of a wood stove in refractory concrete.
  • 2015 : marketing of our PIA and extension of the company to POELE PIVIDAL.


The ethical values of our company are based on 5 key areas:

  • responsibility : reliability and security of our products
  • commitment : to respect the environment
  • satisfaction of our customers
  • innovation : to stay in a continuous improvement dynamic
  • team spirit : contribute to the motivation and well-being of our staff
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